Sometimes you turn back pages of life and you wonder how you got to where you are right now? How did all sorts of unexplainable things happen to you but all you can remember is giving in to do them.

Many people have learnt things the hard way; just because one piece does not fit the puzzle does not mean it’s the end of your life. At times you realize that there’s no better place you would rather be than where you are, even if it’s discomforting, because out there, people are going through worse situations!

Great people that have made it in life did not just build Rome in one day; it took years, months, and days to gather up the success they have attained. It’s not the time to regret past experiences but the time to re write your life according to the dreams that you have always had.Despite the peaks and pits you have gone through, it’s not the end of the road.

For some it’s the beginning of turmoil and to others the start of an easy journey. Some have learnt that to be a better person is to act one! No one is going to notice your desperate situation and do a thing about it but one thing for sure is that you will notice and do something about it.

This life is not a realm of paradise to walk through, but it’s one with challenges that you ought to win over! Believe me you have probably had this talk before, over and over again, but nothing has changed, maybe you think this kind of talk is some mystery but it’s not.

People are going to rubbish all kinds of words to your opinions, ideas even at the times you have put a lot of effort and devoted a chunk of time to develop something great, well! Are you going to rush back to your bed and feel sorry for yourself or hit the club and drown yourself in alcohol?? Definitely this kind of world is not for people like that!!

There has always been one perfect example and much as you might not want to hear it or read it, it’s that one person that had his life straight, Jesus Christ!!!  Do not give up on yourself; keep trying till you get what you want. Otherwise you’re going to hate everything about life, you will blame it on the books, friends, parents, the government, the country yet in actual sense you stopped trying or even hesitated to beat the challenge!

Am just saying all this because we get exhausted  thinking of what to do without getting things started, but reminding yourself of the kind of life you want will surely get your brains working towards a greater calling otherwise your running out of time.